An advanced and proprietary process that gives us the ability to develop and deliver the ideal shape of the ring for your application. Piston ring function depends on the science of selecting the correct base material and if necessary, the correct surface treatment married to the science of ring shape to deliver a ring that meets the demands of your unique operating environment. This is the essence of Grover’s SureShape™ rings. Additionally, SureShape™ is ideal for rapid prototyping to test new designs.

SureShape™ Quality Assurance

Our proprietary SureShape™ process gives us the ability to create the perfect ring for your application.

​Ring Tension

SureShape™ gives Grover Corporation the capacity to create ring tension in patterns to greatly improve performance.


SureShape™ Technology can be used for prototyping at a small volume to prove out a ring application up to production values.

​Ring Tight Development

Grover Corporations SureShapeTM Technology enables development of rings that can be manufactured in any material and can be ring tight.

​Engineering Support

In conjunction with our Cylinder Performance Services, SureShape™ gives design engineers the support and flexibility to efficiently and cost-effectively make quality rings.

5-Step Proven Process

5-Step Process

Cylinder Performance Services

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