Grover’s 5-Step Proven Process are core values that elevate our products and our customers to the highest levels. We don’t just speak these words, we live them every day. This process is the guiding principal that leads to our, and our customers success.

Grover's 5-Step Proven Process
Step 1

Discovery dialogue. Our entire team listens and learns about what your needs and expectations are, and we share our experience and knowledge with you. We keep listening, from our first meeting with you until your last piston ring is delivered to your 100% satisfaction. Our answer is always "yes". How can Grover Corporation deliver on great for you?

Step 2

Value development arises when teams work together collaboratively to find and develop the most effective solution to your challenge so that you can be more competitive. There are no hurdles that cannot be overcome. We regularly find and help create solutions for our customers to help them be more profitable.

Step 3

Commit. Once Grover Corporation has completed exhaustive research, we will present our highest value options for your approval to launch production of your components. Rest assured that our engineers, metallurgists and designers will leave no stone unturned in the search for solutions to your challenges.

Step 4

When it's time to launch the production of your piston rings, you can depend on seamless execution from Grover Corporation. Because Grover is involved every step of the way, we've planned and know exactly what to expect from specified suppliers, materials, production equipment and our people.

Step 5

Continuous engagement between you and Grover Corporation. We are constantly striving for process improvement, looking for ways to save you money and improve your products. We are committed to a long term relationship with our valued customers, always ready to assist in the development of new product and project opportunities.

“Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.”

- ​Mark Twain

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