Why Choose Grover For A Manufacturing Job in Milwaukee?

We consider everyone a leader and provide growth opportunities at each stage of your career. Whether you’re working in our offices or manufacturing facilities, you will be learning, growing, and doing challenging, rewarding work that benefits you and Grover. Your opportunities are endless.

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I’ve worked at Grover for about 30 years. I love what I do. I love cutting iron, teaching and training new employees. The guys on the shop floor are great to work with. The challenges that we take on in machining, developing new parts and completing customer tasks is very rewarding. I have multiple friends who I have worked with at Grover during the 30 years I’ve been here. I continue to make new friends as well with the new hires.

- ​Dave S., ​Skilled Machinist

I started working at Grover last year with a temp service. 6 months later I became a Grover employee. I like that everything I do is a learning experience, and I’ve learned a lot of new stuff! I just went through a crash course in math on things I haven’t done since high school.

I’ve already recommended two people to work here, and I’ll be recommending more.

- ​Stacy S., ​Customer Service Representative

One of the things I like most about Grover is the flexibility. You’re not stuck at one machine. Plus, the room for advancement and growth and opportunities to move around. I’ve been at every cell except grinding and shipping. When I’m not working I also DJ.

- ​Juan V., ​Skilled Machinist