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Date Posted: September 8, 2017

​High operating pressures … fine control … extended maintenance periods. Those are just a few of the challenges facing OEM manufacturers of mobile hydraulics. Grover has the experience and the technology to support you, wherever your applications are moving!

This is a challenging market, and companies looking to succeed need a combination of new product development and knowledgeable partners. That’s where Grover really makes a big difference. Recent Grover success stories have come from the following industries:

  • Farming and Agriculture. Planters, harvesters and processing equipment are all applications that see hard use in a short season, then a long period of inactivity. You know that reliability is measured by the ability of equipment to perform even under less than ideal conditions. Grover rings stand up to wear and tear to match the lifetime of your rugged equipment.
  • Construction, Material Handling and Sanitation. Recent developments are raising the operating pressures to reduce weight and save space: that means even more pressure at the critical sealing ring. In motion control applications, rings need to respond to a precise touch. Grover rings are strong enough to handle the toughest environments and can be flexible enough to protect sensitive seals and valves.

Grover metallic rings offer many advantages over elastomer rings in most mobile hydraulic applications. They perform better in high and low temperatures and they resist wear better in rough surface finishes compared to elastomer rings.

Although several types of rings are used in mobile hydraulics, Grover’s unique Permaseal® design is the industry standard for hydraulic cylinder service. It features a bi-directional seal that provides superior sealing efficiency designed to pass open ports and close the leak path through to the joint.

Because the Permaseal® joint design is bi-directional, fewer rings are required in double-acting applications, and costly assembly errors are eliminated in all hydraulic cylinder applications.

The Permaseal® design can be applied to rings of piston ring grade cast iron or other materials, depending on your specific application. You can expect:

  • Superior sealing performance with interlocking joint design.
  • Total fluid compatibility.
  • Excellent high pressure sealing.
  • Double-acting seal designed to pass open ports.

We understand that your company and your needs are unique … so are our products and services. We provide the order management, delivery and packaging solutions you need to make your project a success.