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High Temp Seals for Exhaust and Hydraulic ApplicationsHigh Temp Seals Piston Ring Multi Seals

Multi-Seals, or high temp seals, are designed for use in high-temperature exhaust and hydraulic applications.

Multi-Seals are most often used in applications where the temperature and pressure are too high for other materials, such as elastomers, urethanes and plastics or even conventional cast iron or low carbon steel rings.

The Multi-Seal is a positive piston ring seal containing four rails and one polygonal expander, with the polygonal expander providing the contact pressure, along with the overlap gaps on the rails providing the positive seal.

The following heat resistant and high-temperature materials are generally utilized (depending on the application):

  • Steel 1 .4571 (Heat Resistant)
  • Steel 1 .4980 (High-Temperature Resistant)
  • Super-alloy lnconel X-7 50 (High-Temperature and Scale Resistant)
  • Super-alloy Rene 41 (High-Temperature and Scale Resistant)

Typical Multi-Seal Applications:

  • In slip joints in the exhaust manifold. The Multi-Seal creates a positive seal and prevents exhaust fumes from leaking when the manifold slides back and forth due to thermal expansion.
  • Exhaust systems on turbo (diesel engines) have similar slip joints, so Multi-Seals are often used.
  • Multi-Seals are used in dyno-rooms (engine test rooms) to create a positive sealing between the engine exhaust and the lab exhaust system.
  • Multi-Seals are used as piston seals on pressure-balanced plugs in a valve.

High Temperature Seals from the Global Leader

With the addition of the Multi-Seal product line, Grover Corporation continues its tradition of implementing an entrepreneurial spirit that enhances our ability to provide the very best in product quality and customer service. The Multi-Seal product line also enables Grover to broaden its ability to manufacture piston rings to meet the unique requirements of any application.

Grover Corporation is a leading manufacturer of metallic piston rings in a wide variety of applications, including air compressorsgas compressors,industrial hydraulics, power shift transmissions,shock absorbers,turbocharger assembliesand piston rings for large-bore diesel engines.

At Grover Corporation, our products are an integral part of machines that make the world work. We invest in innovation, constantly updating and adding new products, identifying new solutions to complex problems, and evaluating how we can better serve you.

It's our philosophy of commitment to customers' needs that has kept our doors open for over 85 years. It's this commitment that makes us a world-class hydraulic seal and piston ring manufacturer. Grover provides the superior quality, service and flexibility you expect from a global leader.