Industry News: Shock Absorbers for Demanding Applications

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Successful distributors are always looking for new markets and new opportunities to start a customer relationship. Sometimes new opportunity can be found in an old product category!

Hydraulic shock absorbers have been effectively solving vibration and damping problems for over fifty years. The basic principal is the same: minimize the vibration and control the impact forces to get the maximum life out of any equipment with moving parts.

Grover Corporation has been a strong player in the shock absorber market, and has kept pace with many recent developments and special applications - these are the opportunities that you can use as entry strategies for new engagements.

Our involvement started over thirty years ago, with the development of small diameter piston rings of both cast iron and nodular iron. Manufacturing piston rings as small as 3/8" outside diameter, Grover can meet the needs of a variety of applications.

It is important to distinguish between shock absorbers for industrial applications and automotive shocks. The shocks in your car function as a bi-directional dampening device, providing resistance in both directions.

Industrial shock absorbers, on the other hand, bring a moving object to a complete stop by absorbing the total energy in one impact. In some of these applications, the internal pressure will exceed 10,000 psi (almost 70 million pascals).

  • 'Linear decelerator' is the correct term to use if a stopping action occurs when a shock provides constant force during the compression and the velocity decreases linearly. Most common applications for linear decelerators include crash testers, robotics, elevator stops and amusement rides.
  • 'Rotary' applications include swinging gates and hoods, and molding robots - just to name a few.
  • Special applications are those which might have long strokes and slow speeds for gentler deceleration as seen in ocean floor drilling tools, or, on the other end, high speeds as needed in snagging fighter jets as they land on aircraft carriers.

This list has just begun to list all of the new and exciting applications that engineers are finding for shock absorbers. If you'd like to learn more about this 'old' market - and find your place in the latest business opportunities – please contact one of our very knowledgeable customer service representatives at 800-776-3602. They will supply you with the technical backup you need to close a sale in shock absorbers!