Angle Step Cut Sealing Rings

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Angle Step Cut Rings Provide a Special Joint Design

Angle Step Cut Rings

High pressure and long-term reliability are a tough combination for any ring configuration, but Grover has the expertise to recommend and deliver on a solution that performs well, and also looks good on your bottom line.

One good example is Grover Angle Step Cut Sealing Rings. They provide consistently low leakage rates, even after many hours under grueling environmental conditions. 

The special angle step cut provides superior sealing to butt-cut rings. Many users select angle step cut rings as a cost-effective alternative to Grover Permaseal® sealing rings. The Permaseal® design provides low leakage in both directions; however, when the product application only requires pressure (or vacuum) sealing in a single direction, the angle step cut ring provides similar performance.

Angle step rings are available in compression or vacuum angle joint configurations. They are available in several edge treatments, including Chamfer, Radius, Groove, Bronze Insert and Taper.

The most common material is Cast Iron, but they are also available in Ductile (nodular) iron, Ni-Resist, Bronze, Steel and Stainless Steel/Nickel-Based Alloys.  Metallic rings outperform elastomer rings, and Grover precision manufacturing protects delicate surfaces on cylinders and valve assemblies. 

Grover engineers are currently designing angle step cut rings for the following industries:

  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • Climate Control Systems
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Air Treatment
  • Gas Processing
  • Natural Gas Processing and Power Generation.

Please call your Grover Customer Representative if you have an application for angle step cut rings.