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When a customer has a special request, it can be 'All Hands On Deck' as we gather different Grover resources.

That's what happened when Delta Hydraulics, an Australian manufacturer of hydraulic pistons and manifolds, inquired about some large-bore piston rings. Delta is a major presence in the Asian/Pacific marketplace, delivering products to OEM customers in the construction and sanitation industry as well as defense and medical applications.

When they told us that there were no companies in Australia able to provide piston rings larger than 22 inches in diameter, we were quick to respond. They cautioned us that they were a demanding customer -- as they put it,

'Delta's competitive advantage in the global hydraulic market is its sophisticated in-house design, engineering and end-to-end manufacturing capability that enables the company to provide rapid and flexible design, engineering and manufacture and deliver precision quality product.'

We knew we had the ability to give them the components they needed, with the quality standards they expected. The challenge was to get our design, materials and manufacturing team together to meet their pressing completion dates!

When we explained what was at stake, everyone involved pledged to meet their deadline. It took us a couple of days of overtime, but we delivered the pieces on-time, with 100% acceptance by the customer.

A few weeks later, we received the following note from Australia:

"It is great to see such teamwork & willingness to respond to customer needs."