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Grover Corporation is filled with high performing people who go out of the way to make things happen. That's why it's never a surprise to get notes saying 'Thank you' for doing right by customers.

We just expect it.

But I recently received such a note and I wanted to share it, and tell you something about the organization that sent it.

First, a little background: Ognibene is a leader in hydraulic drive components. They are the only company worldwide that produces complete steering systems, which are actuators combined with hydrostatic steering units, for off-highway vehicles.

That's a tough market to be in, especially in Europe. However, Ognibene has managed not once but twice received the “Europe’s 500 Job Creating Companies” award.  Instead of cutting back, they've grown internationally, from the original facility in Italy to plants in Brazil, India, China and North Carolina.

President Claudio Ognibene attributes growth to values such as reliability, innovation, respect and appreciation of people, quality and safety. And, when he works with a quality supplier that shares those values, he reaches out. 

Which is why Diana Steeno recently received this:

"Mr. Ognibene would like to take this chance to thank you for your kind support and your effort. He is very pleased to have received the materials on time, and he appreciated very much your high competence and courtesy

"Many thanks again and I hereby send you best regards."

It's a great thing to hear from a great company. And a great way to say that customer service is a language that's appreciated in every corner of the globe!

By the way, Grover Corporation really is an international supplier.  We are familiar with export regulations and regularly ship to all continents.