Featured Team Member: Holly Griffith

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In addition to our Milwaukee facility, Grover has operated out of Fort Worth, Texas, since 2005, when we acquired the Double-Seal Ring Company.  With the Texas office, we can offer a high level of service to oilfield, mining and other customers in the Western US.  The last time I was in the Lone Star State, I had the opportunity to speak with Holly Griffith, a Customer Service Representative at that office.

"I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but we moved to Long Beach when I was young, so I grew up looking at things with a 'West Coast' point of view.  I've lived in Texas now for more than twenty years, and I really enjoy the people here.  I can travel from a big metropolitan area like Dallas to the countryside on a single tank of gas. 

"When I was very young, my parents would take us all camping every year to Kings Canyon National Park in California.  What made this really great was the opportunity to invite a friend to go along with us.  I still remember the smells and sounds of those camping trips.  I take every chance I can to go on camping trips with my family and friends, to show them what I can of this great Country.

"My parents have been a great influence on me my whole life.  My dad was in the service, so we got to see all kinds of towns and meet new people.  My mother passed away when I was 20 years old.  What I wouldn't give to spend another day with her to reminisce and to thank her for all the support and guidance she gave me.  She was a very special and wonderful person.

"I have two boys of my own, Jacob, who is 27, and Jeffrey, who is 25.  Last fall we had our first grandson, Kamdyn -- I tell you, I'm still trying to find out where that name came from!  When I have free time, I spend it working on the "Fixer-Upper" house that I bought with my boyfriend.  It's a lot of work, but it's only a block from the Lake, so it'll be great to have the kids visit.  Plus, I'll invite everyone for the Grand Opening!

"Every day, I am excited with the opportunity to help Grover and all of my customers reach their full potential.  I would like our customers to know that I am here, ready to exceed their expectations.  Please give me a call to discuss your many piston and sealing rings opportunities."