Featured Team Member: Diane Steeno

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Our stated purpose is to develop great people who build great products for great customers.  That includes our Customer Service team -- the people who help you get the products you need to keep your business profitable.

This month, I had the opportunity to sit down with Diane Steeno.  In between handling calls from customers, she had time to tell me a little bit about her life.  I am making it the feature of this month's 'Great People' profile, to give you a better picture of the folks at the other end of the line every time you talk to Grover:

 (This is Diane talking, and there is a photo of her and her son:)

I was born in Harrisburg, a small town in central Virginia.  I had three sisters and three brothers, and we grew up at the same time - only nine years between all of us!  I think that's why we're still so well connected to one another.  I really have to take some time off and travel back to Harrisburg one of these days. I haven’t been back there since we moved when I was 2 years old!

Now I live in Wisconsin, and I'm making new memories. I was blessed with one daughter and one son. We have a vacation place in a rural part of the state, right on the Wisconsin River.  I really love to be by water so that I can fish, boat, swim and just hang around a nice sandy beach. Thinking about my time there reminds me that life is way too short to be anything but happy.

My family and friends are a significant inspiration to me. If I could be granted a wish to spend one day with anyone in the world, that day would be spent with my son Tyler. I can see it now, one day of talking, laughing and making plans for our next get-together. Oh, what a great day that would be!

Until that day, I take comfort in knowing that I work with a great bunch of people with different personalities but the same kind and open hearts. I would like to thank all of my friends at Grover Corporation for their friendship, hard work, trust and for allowing me into your lives.

I would like our customers to know that I am here, ready to exceed their expectations. Please give me a call to discuss your many piston and sealing rings opportunities.

Diane Steeno / Customer Service Representative / 414.384.9472 / sales@grovercorp.com