Featured Team Member: Dennis Malak

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It takes a lot to deliver quality. In the piston ring business, it takes metallurgy, engineering and specialized equipment. And it takes one more thing: in our business, as in any business, it takes people who take pride in their job and come to work looking to do the right thing for customers.

That kind of person is hard to find these days - if you've made any hiring decisions, you know what I'm talking about. And you know that, when you find such an individual, you let him do what he does best!

Dennis Malak is one of those people, a craftsman who has mastered both the art and the technology of our business. We say that he's been an employee for 39 years, but Dennis says he's really been here forty years. He started working at our Milwaukee facility when he was a talented high school student, through a work-study program.  (By the way, we still have that program. It's a great way to attract young people and let them know about a career in manufacturing.)

Over the years, Dennis has grown along with the rest of the company. That means working closely with Grover engineers, learning about new metals and coatings, and gaining a better understanding of how our customers use rings and seals. "I have been at all the machines in the shop at one time or another," he says, "There's always something new to learn, because Grover is a company that is continually pushing the existing technology. Over time, I've seen how rings are being used in ways I would never have dreamed possible."

On his days off, Dennis likes to camp, garden, and work on home improvement projects. "The truth is, Grover is like my second family." He says that the thing he likes most about coming to work is how close the guys are and how they work together.

At Grover, practically all of our jobs involve custom applications, with customers asking us for something just a little bit different from the norm. That's where Dennis' experience and know-how are invaluable.  He knows how to take something he learned on one job and apply it to the next. He jokes, "The hardest part of my job now is running four machines at a time!" but that's what he does, by teaching younger employees some of the skills he's learned.

"I take real pride in the work I do here at Grover Corporation. I would like our customers to know that I am here, ready to exceed their expectations. Please give our sales or customer service departments a call to discuss your next piston and sealing ring opportunity!"