Featured Team Member: Bruce Nopenz

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John Kalafut, VP of Sales & Marketing, Grover Corporation

Here at our Milwaukee office, I have come to know Customer Service Representative Lead Bruce Nopenz well.  For many customers, he’s the first voice they hear on the line when they call with a question about an application or an order.

Recently, I had the chance to talk to him about something besides piston rings.  I asked him about the path that lead him to Grover:

"I was born in Chicago on the North Side. It's where the Cubs play, so perhaps the vines of Wrigley Field gave me my first taste for the great outdoors!"

"That, and the great vacations that I went on with my family.  Every summer, my dad would take all his saved-up vacation time, load us in the car, and drive to who-knows-where.  We did a lot of camping, fishing and rafting.  Oh, to relive those days would be so great! My younger brother lives in Baltimore, Maryland, now, but we still call each other every couple of weeks to talk about some of those wild trips.”

"My wife (Diane) and I have been married for 25 years and dated for several years before that. We have two great kids, Tara who is 13 years old and Connor who is 18 years old. I live in Wisconsin now, but I have always loved the life in the Windy City, and my wife and I think about moving back after our kids are grown.”

"My personal hero has always been fellow Harvard graduate Teddy Roosevelt.  He shared my love for the wilderness, and set a high bar for accomplishments in everything he did.  I can see myself and Teddy spending the day together. We could be doing anything the Big Guy wanted to do, I would just soak it all up.  I hope that I can be that kind of inspiration to my family, friends and co-workers. I take real pride in the work I do here at Grover Corporation. I would like our customers to know that I am here, ready to exceed their expectations. Please give me a call to discuss your many piston and sealing rings opportunities.”

Bruce Nopenz / Customer Service Representative / 414.384.9472 / sales@grovercorp.com