Steel Piston Rings & Sealing Rings

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Steel Compression Rings for High Temp, Pressure and Fluid or Gas Applications

Steel piston rings and sealing rings solve problems in many severe applications, including high temperature, pressure and fluid or gas.

Stronger than Ductile Iron, Steel piston rings are capable of withstanding heavy loads and high speed pounding. These capabilities are some of the reasons why Steel piston rings have become so popular in the automotive industry, particularly among NASCAR engine builders.


  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Automotive
  • Performance Engines
  • Turbocharged & Supercharged Diesel Engines
  • Higher Compression Loads
  • Higher Combustion Temperatures
  • Tough Emission Standards


  • Longer Service Life
  • Reduced Ring Side Wear
  • Reduced Groove Side Wear/Pound Out
  • Good Heat Resistance
  • Improved Breakage Resistance
  • Improved Mechanical Stress Resistance

Steel Piston Rings and Sealing Rings Available:

  • Permaseal
  • High Temp Seals / Multi Seals
  • ONEP
  • Inseal
  • Step Seal
  • Step Lock
  • Lok Seal
  • Side Pin
  • Oil Control
  • Angle Step Cut
  • Butt Taper Face
  • Hook Cut
  • Angle Cut
  • Step Cut

Industry Leading Piston Ring Manufacturers

As trusted piston ring manufacturers for 80+ years, Grover has long been an industry leader. At Grover Corporation, we produce piston rings and sealing rings in a wide variety of materials to meet customer specifications.

If you need steel piston rings, sealing rings or custom piston rings turn to Grover Corp.

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