Ni-Resist Piston Rings

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Ni Rings for High Temp & Corrosive Environments

Ni-Resist piston rings are ideal where effective operation at high temperatures and corrosion resistance are critical. Ni rings are especially resistant to stress relieving at high temperatures in applications, such as chemical steel processing where temperatures reach 1300 degrees F.

Ni-Resist Properties

Ni-Resist Thermal Expansion

Ni-Resist thermal expansion coefficients are very similar to stainless steels, which makes Ni-resist piston rings especially ideal in exhaust applications.

Corrosion Resistance

The corrosion resistance in Ni rings is far superior when compared to normal and low alloy cast irons, gray iron, ductile iron and steel. Because of the chemical composition of Ni-Resist, it forms a dense, self-protecting film which suppresses further corrosion.

Ni-Resist piston rings have good corrosion resistance, particularly in water and combustion applications. These corrosion resistance properties is a primary reason why this material is used for insert rings in aluminum alloy pistons.

Ni-Resist corrosion is uniform rather than localized, and occurs at relatively low rates.

When compared to most steel and cast iron piston rings, Ni rings have an outstanding ability to resist the combined effects of corrosion and erosion in high velocity applications.

Wear Resistance

Ni rings have excellent galling resistance, which is why they are ideal for use in pistons, wear rings, bearings and other metal-to-metal rubbing components.


The use of Ni rings can be found in nearly any field, but their property advantages particularly excel in internal combustion engines and gas compressors, as well as gasoline and diesel-powered engines for truck, bus, locomotive and marine applications.

Since Ni-Resist rings are well-suited for handling salt solutions, they’re often used in marine-based components that are near to or exposed to seawater.

Ni-Resist rings are also well-suited for handling oil field/petroleum liquids (crude/sour and sweet), which is why they’re commonly used in components for off-shore oil and gas production.

Ni Ring Configurations

As an industry leading hydraulic seal and piston ring manufacturer, Grover Corp offers a wide range of Ni ring configurations for piston rings and sealing rings, including:

  • Oil Control Piston Rings
  • Butt Cut Sealing Rings
  • ONEP Sealing Rings
  • Inseal Sealing Rings
  • Side Pin Piston Rings
  • Step Seal Sealing Rings
  • Step Lock Sealing Rings
  • Lok Seal Sealing Rings
  • Butt Taper Face Piston Rings
  • Angle Step Cut Sealing Rings
  • Taper Face Ring – Permaseal®
  • Hook Sealing Rings
  • Angle Cut Piston Rings (Butt Cut)
  • Angle Cut Sealing Rings
  • Step Cut Sealing Rings
  • Permaseal® Sealing Rings

Grover Corp specializes in designing and manufacturing custom piston rings and sealing rings to meet application-specific needs.

If you don’t see a ring listed above that matches your requirements, let us know and we’ll work with you to create an ideal solution.

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