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Cast Iron Piston Rings

Cast iron piston rings are the the most common type due to their low-friction, wear-resistant properties. They are used in a broad range of high-temperature and high-speed engine applications. The mechanical structure of cast iron piston rings produces consistent pressure against the bore.

Grover specializes in producing cast iron piston rings and G2 Durabar rings. We offer various chemistries to meet a wide range of temperature, speed and size requirements. Grover’s specially-formulated 200 series of iron meets SAE-J1236 specifications.

GC-211 Cast Iron: Specially designed for piston rings in reciprocating or rotary applications. The microstructure and chemistry of GC-211 cast iron offers the ideal material for wear and lubricity in a wide range of bore materials.

GC-225 Cast Iron: Designed for high volume rotary applications. GC-225 cast iron offers a homogenous matrix and chemistry, providing excellent wear characteristics.

GC-607 Cast Iron: Specially designed for large diameter reciprocating engine rings where the ring will experience higher temperature and impacts.

Available Rings and Seals Made With Cast Iron

  • ONEP
  • Inseal
  • Step Seal
  • Step Lock
  • Lok Seal
  • Side Pin
  • Oil Control
  • Angle Step Cut
  • Hook Cut
  • Angle Cut
  • Step Cut
  • Permaseal®
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