PTFE Electroless Nickel Plating for Piston Rings

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Piston Ring Coating Resists Wear & Corrosion in Demanding Applications

PTFE Electroless Nickel plating for piston rings is often used in demanding applications, where hardness, corrosion-resistance and wear-resistance is critical.

The piston ring coating material can achieve matte, semi-bright or bright finishes.

PTFE Electroless Nickel plating can be adjusted by volume and thickness with even coating achieved.

The characteristics are achieved through optimal co-depositing to the mating surface.

The high hardness of this piston ring coating can also be used to salvage worn piston rings. Coatings can be applied and machined back to final dimensions.

In piston rings, Electroless Nickel plating with PTFE is often used in the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Mining
  • Material Handing
  • Electrical/Mechanical

Piston Rings with PTFE Electroless Nickel Plating are available in the following:

  • Permaseal
  • ONEP
  • Inseal
  • Step Seal
  • Lok Seal
  • Step Lock
  • Angle Step Cut
  • Hook Cut
  • Angle Cut
  • Step Cut
  • Oil Control
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