Chrome Piston Rings & Sealing Rings

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Chrome Ring Coating Ideal for High Temps, Vibrations & RPMs

Chrome power piston piston rings and sealing rings provide increased engine life, particularly when conditions are dirty or dusty. They also handle high temperatures, vibrations and RPMs very well.

Chrome’s hard surface is especially effective in reducing wear on the ring in reciprocating applications outside the diameter to increase ring life.

They are recommended primarily for off-highway, industrial, turbocharger assemblies and construction applications.

Chrome can be applied to all or any part of the ring, but there are mating surface restrictions.

We provide chrome coatings in various piston ring and seal ring configurations.

Chrome Piston Ring Options

  • Side Pin Piston Rings
  • Butt Taper Face Piston Rings
  • Angle Cut Piston Rings (Butt Cut)

Chrome Seal Ring Options

  • Butt Cut Sealing Rings
  • Inseal Sealing Rings
  • Step Lock Sealing Rings
  • Lok Seal Sealing Rings
  • Hook Sealing Rings
  • Angle Cut Sealing Rings
  • Step Cut Sealing Rings

If you require chrome piston rings or sealing rings make sure to verify the application with a Grover engineer or piston ring manufacturer prior to ordering.

Contact Grover Corp to determine if chrome is the right coating for your application; we’ll respond shortly!