Wainiyaku Estate Challenge

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With energy costs rising rapidly in the South Pacific, Wainiyaku Estate, a coconut tree plantation on Fiji’s Tavenuni Island, was faced with astronomical electrical bills. Dedicated to the environment and the well-being of his staff, owner Adrian Tarte, started to think outside of the box and began looking at alternative ways to produce electricity for his plant operations. Committed to long term cost savings, Tarte decided to make a capital investment that involved repairing an old steam engine that would produce energy at a much lower cost than what the government was charging. However, getting the engine up and running would require replacement parts. As a former Double Seal customer, Tarte sent an email request to Grover Corporation for a quote on new piston rings for the engine.


Upon receiving the initial email from Tarte, Grover Corporation decided that they did not have enough information to comfortably go ahead with an order. They responded quickly to request more information, and after some additional correspondence, Tarte convinced Grover that the plant was in dire straits and insisted that Grover take on the project. Driven by its commitment to customer service and flexibility, Grover worked on a sketch and agreed to do everything possible to make a ring that would work in Tarte’s application. Equipped with a piston that Tarte sent via UPS, Grover disassembled the necessary parts piece by piece in order to replicate the exact dimensions and specifications of the rings. After creating a sample ring and testing it in the piston, Grover approved production of the rings. The rings and the piston were shipped out to Wainiyaku Estate with some specific installation instructions, and were gratefully received in Fiji.

End Result

“I am delighted to be able to report that your rings have been received and installed in their respective pistons and cylinders. Each piston was rotated separately upon fitting the rings and there was no indication of any resistance during the stroke. In other words a perfect job!!” Mr. Tarte was thoroughly pleased with the job done by Grover. The rings were exactly what he needed and they were delivered exactly as needed. The expertise and advice offered by Grover was helpful not only in the ring design and specifications, but also in the correct installation and operation of the engine. Tarte was extremely pleased with the customized process and personalized service he received working with Grover. He anticipates two additional projects and assured Grover that, “...you will of course be called upon if rings need replacing. Again, let me convey my thanks and assure you of a very warm welcome should you ever be in Fiji.”

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