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Parker Hannifin™, a global leader in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, called on the Grover Corporation to solve assembly and quality issues with rings provided by another manufacturer in a wide variety of hydraulic cylinders they produce.

After an initial meeting between Grover Corporation’s application group and Parker’s procurement team, it was discovered that two of Parker’s manufacturing locations that used a competitor’s rings, had significant assembly issues where rings were becoming deformed during installation. In addition, Parker discovered unusual scoring and leakage within the cylinder however determining the specific cause remained elusive.


Grover’s application team reviewed the specification of each component in question, verifying dimensions, tolerances and material. After a thorough analysis, Grover Corporation quickly supplied Parker’s procurement and engineering teams with standard Permaseal®- style samples for installation at both manufacturing locations that were having cylinder problems.

Parker’s engineering team evaluated the Permaseal® rings for ease of assembly and ring retention characteristics. In addition, cylinder bores were inspected along with a related leak test at the manufacturing locations. The feedback from both locations was the new product worked and product performance was restored. All samples provide by Grover Corporation passed after the first testing.

Because time was critical, the decision was made by one of the plant managers to replace the original components with the superior quality Grover products as down time and performance were key to meeting customer’s expectations.

End Result

Grover Corporation’s rings completely solved Parker’s hydraulic cylinder problems. No more assembly problems, no more scoring and no more breakage. This is another example of how Grover Corporation products outperform the competition and exceeds customer expectations by providing exceptional engineering expertise, efficient customer service and superior products.

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