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Twin Disc is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of power transmission equipment. To fulfill its promise of “maximum performance and productivity out of any engine or motor-driven machine,” Twin Disc relies upon the superior products,exceptional customer service and knowledgeable people at Grover Corporation. In a recent example, the Twin Disc Quality Department reported they were experiencing excess ring wear on a specific transmission shaft. It was suspected the rings with excessive wear could allow leakage, allowing the transmission to back feed pressure and not operate properly.


Grover Corporation’s sales and engineering personnel visited Twin Disc, reviewing all of the facts and inspecting the components. Through discussions with quality representatives, Grover personnel learned the manufacturing department at Twin Disc was performing additional operations to the rings prior to assembling the transmissions. These additional steps were affecting the design characteristics of the ring in a negative manner resulting in poor performance.

Shortly after detailed discussions with their quality and engineering groups, it was determined that Grover could change the way in which the ring was produced, slightly modify the ring design and the chemical composition, which resulted in a better ring for this application. This also allowed the parts to be assembled without additional operations performed by the customer, reducing cost and assembly time with improved product performance.

End Result

In the end, the process change not only eliminated a pre-assembly process for Twin Disc, but it also ensures that the new design maintains its operational intent. This process of collaborative investigation and design is a prime example of Grover’s reliable and flexible design and manufacturing process. Through personalized customer care and a customized process and product, Grover delivered exactly what Twin Disc needed to solve a performance issue and ensure that they could provide an exceptional product that would exceed their customer’s expectations. By listening to customers, Grover employs a flexible and adaptable approach to meeting customer needs: collaborative engineering customized products, short lead times and high quality.

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