Custom Piston Ring Solution for Large Oil & Gas Company

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Grover Chosen as Piston Ring Manufacturer for Torque Converter Replacement Rings Used in Oil & Gas Industry

Challenge - Accepted

A global hydraulic seal distributor contacted Grover Corporation to create replacement piston rings for torque converters that would be used by PEMEX - one of the largest oil companies in Latin America, and the largest in Mexico.

The piston ring manufacturers here at Grover had to create sets of replacement elastomer/cast iron piston rings that could be successfully implemented in the torque converter rebuilding process.

Solution - Delivered

In order to create these custom piston rings, Grover’s engineers took samples of the original piston rings and sent them out for a comprehensive metallurgical analysis.

This analysis, combined with the nuanced knowledge of our experts, determined the unique chemical and physical properties of the original piston rings.

Once the meticulous and collaborative research process was complete, Grover’s engineers configured metallurgical enhancements to produce superior material qualities that were better suited to the application.

Final Result - Accomplished

After thorough analysis and comprehensive research, Grover was able to create a piston ring with improved physical and chemical characteristics.

The new ring not only exceeded the original piston ring design, it also provided longer service life and reduced down-times for all parties involved.

With highly skilled engineers, and a thorough and dependable process, Grover created an exceptional product that added measurable value to the final result.

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