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Transmission Piston Rings

Grover Corporation is a leading manufacturer of metallic hook rings for the transmission market. We offer a wide variety of hook rings with order management, delivery and packaging solutions customized to meet your specific requirements. The size you want, the volume you need. From rings 7/8 of an inch (22.23 mm) in diameter to over 36 1/2 inches (927.1 mm) in diameter, Grover Corporation will produce any ring for any application to meet your unique requirements. We understand that your company and your needs are unique... so are our products and services.

With a Quality Product

Grover provides quality products for manufacturers worldwide in the following industries: automotive, heavy off-road vehicles, blowers, agriculture and construction. Grover's metallic hook type rings are most frequently used in hydraulic transmissions, hydraulic clutches, torque converters and hydrostatic transmissions. They are also used whenever it is necessary to restrict the ring during installations in counter bores, blind assemblies or when passing retaining ring grooves. Some of the specific benefits of Grover's metallic hook rings follow:

  • Manufactured of piston ring grade cast iron and other materials for performance designed for your specific application.
  • Standard hook rings conform to the material specifications of SAE J1236.
  • Bronze alloys and high strength iron are available for customized application needs.
  • Grover hook rings provide ease of assembly, excellent sealing performance and long service life.

As a Grover customer, you won't have any surprises. We deliver rings as specified, on time and packaged the way you need. We have the ability to economically manufacture and distribute a wider variety of sizes in both low and high volume. And standard as well as non-standard ring joint dimensions are provided to meet your specific application requirements. Because every customer has different application needs, Grover provides the value-added service of customized programs uniquely suited to specific piston ring needs.