Mobile Hydraulics

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An Industry Leader

Grover Corporation is a leader in the mobile hydraulics industry, offering a wide variety of piston rings with order management, delivery and packaging solutions customized to meet your specific requirements. From rings 1/2 inch (12.7mm) in diameter to over 90 inches (2286mm) in diameter, Grover Corporation will produce any ring for any application to meet your unique requirements. We know that the parts we build play a small role in something much bigger. And we understand that your company and your needs are are our products and services. We provide quality products to most of the leading cylinder manufacturers worldwide in the following industries:

  • Agriculture: Grover piston rings are critical to the operation of a wide range of equipment used in planting, harvesting and processing in farming, where durability in an extreme environment is required.
  • Construction, Material Handling and Sanitation: Grover rings provide the power and strength to move heavy machinery and the controlled movements for a precise touch. They are strong enough to handle the toughest environments and flexible enough to protect sensitive seals and valves.

With a Quality Product

Grover's Permaseal® joint design is the industry standard for hydraulic cylinder service. It is internationally recognized as the best choice in hydraulic cylinder applications, and some specific benefits follow:

  • Manufactured of piston ring grade cast iron and other materials for performance designed for your specific application.
  • Performs better than elastomer compounds in high and low temperatures.
  • Superior sealing performance with interlocking joint design.
  • Total fluid compatibility.
  • Total fluid compatibility.
  • Resists wear better in rougher surface finishes than elastomer compounds.
  • Excellent high pressure sealing.
  • Double-acting seal designed to pass open ports.
  • Special features for specific applications.
  • Fewer rings with better results. Because the Permaseal┬« joint design is bi-directional, fewer rings are required in double-acting applications, and costly assembly errors are eliminated in all hydraulic cylinder applications.