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Air Compressor Piston Rings with PermaSeal® Technology

Grover Corporation is a leading manufacturer of taper face Permaseal® rings for the air and gas compressor market. Our unique taper face Permaseal® provides high unit loading against the cylinder wall which ensures quick ring sealing and superior oil control. Precision machining of the taper face Permaseal® provides consistent performance. This design offers an overall cleaner and more efficient system. 

Grover produces a wide variety of gas and air compressor piston rings in conjunction with customized order management, delivery and packaging to meet your specific requirements.

Our piston ring sizes range from 7/8 of an inch (22.23 mm) in diameter to over 36 and a half inches (927.1 mm) in diameter. As a global leader among piston ring manufacturers, Grover Corporation will produce any ring for any application to meet your unique requirements.

PermaSeal® Taper Face Ring Benefits

Grover provides quality products for leading manufacturers worldwide in the following industries: Reciprocating Compressors, Climate Control Systems, Vacuum Pumps, Air Treatment, Gas Processing, Natural Gas Processing and Power Generation.

Benefits of our taper face Permaseal® ring include:

  • Manufactured of piston ring grade cast iron and other materials for performance designed for your specific application
  • Reduces oil bypass down to 2 particles per million
  • Precision machined for consistent performance
  • Superior CNG sealing capabilities

As a Grover customer, you won't have any surprises. We deliver piston rings as specified, on time and packaged the way you need. Grover also provides the value-added service of customized programs, uniquely suited to specific piston ring needs. We have the ability to economically manufacture and distribute a wider variety of sizes in both low and high volume.